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Lavi & Fabio | Summer Celebration in the Woods

March 6, 2017

  Experiencing an international wedding celebration here in Timisoara was so unique, standing all together surrounded with laughs and italians being italians. Almost felt like I was invited at a family reunion, all good and chill. No pressure in the air or tight schedule, no buildings to stay in, just plain simple people celebrating their…

Spring Wedding – Cos & Tz

May 15, 2015

I started remembering the time when me and my husband started to plan our wedding. We loved so many things and styles and wanted everything into it! I didn’t think it was possible, but stepping into Cos & Tz’s special day, I felt it was so full of their personalities, full of color, love for…

Summer wedding: Sami & Miri

September 1, 2014

Am inteles profunzimea unei zi asa speciale, o zi care a fost ideea lui Dumnezeu si care reprezinta asa bine dragostea Lui. Nu stau mult pe ganduri la nunti, stau “pe faza” sa incadrez bine, sa prind momentele cheie si de cele mai multe ori nici nu aud ce se vorbeste in fata. Azi nu…