The first photo session I ever made was to raise money for a mission trip to Africa back in 2010. Never done that before, I had no idea how it was supposed to happen. No one thought me how to do it. BUT it felt so GOOD! In my mind and heart a new world was opening. I was capturing life, moments in time! I was creating an image of my own, my vision. Oh, it felt so right!

People are so beautiful. So complex. And my curiosity to frame parts of their lives is always rewarding. Today I am lucky to be a full-time photographer, specialized in portraiture and wedding photography since 2013. My idea of amazing pictures is a combination of wild and free souls, simple sceneries, beautiful light, laughter,  that crazy in love couple, those intimate and sincere moments, everything that comes out naturally between people. That’s what makes pictures so powerful!

I believe in love. God is my expression & example of perfect love.

Left handed. Happy wife. Drinking coffee like water. I sing when i am alone on streets. Love traveling, discovering new places. Love talking to people face to face. I love people who wear hats and glasses. Mountain person. I own a red bike.