I’m keeping my list of “to do’s” very short this coming year. I discovered that best ideas and plans don’t come all in one day(or those nights when you wait to finally sleep!) and you never know what hits your wandering mind.

Last year I had a pretty ‘big’ idea(at least it was for me, maybe you will find it easy to complete!) to record seconds from every session, wedding, project I did, with my camera. I have almost completed this big project of mine but I do realize I had missed many sessions. I just forgot to record some of them. I am so sorry for all of you out there, but the only explanation for this is you being so awesome and me being so caught in the moment. Or second explanation, you cast a spell on me and made me forget.

I will definitely do this project again in 2016, the people I meet are so unique, I need to remember them.

Thank you for a wonderful, powerful year friends!





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